About us

The online go-to for jewellery press material.

Thejewellerypressroom.com is founded by sisters Charlotte Møbjerg Ansel-Henry and Pernille Møbjerg Knudsen, with an ambition to make jewellery more easy accessible.

The ambitious go-to online platform is a place where everyone in the jewellery/fashion industry can access, find, and share PR material. We are a “inspirational source/lookbook” with the overall purpose – to help press and media discover the Scandi cool jewellery looks they need. We aim to be problem-solvers. In too many cases, tight deadlines and the mere access to certain jewellery brands determined what is shown in the media. We have made a curation of brands already and provide a tool where it is not the size of the brand that determine what is shown but, the individual design, as press and media can browse and search across more than 20 jewellery brands, in a mix, of established, contemporary, fine and fashion jewellery.

It’s our mission to have more jewellery shown in the press and therefore make information easy accessible to the media. We have changed the old fashioned and expensive way PR is done today and aim to make your brand safely and easily accessed by members of the press – 24/7.

An easy source for the press, when it comes to keeping their audience inspired when it comes to jewellery.